CABA Pro Bono Legal Services’ (CABA Pro Bono) is issuing this Request for Proposals to seek an assessment of the Pro Bono component of our Organization

1. Purpose and Description

CABA Pro Bono, a 501(c)(3) non-profit public interest law firm, has been awarded a Pro Bono Transformation Grant from the Florida Bar Foundation to strengthen and transform its current pro bono program into one that can provide a more diverse range of meaningful pro bono opportunities for attorneys along with maximum support to pro bono attorneys, including access to CLE trainings and ongoing mentoring, in order to provide high quality legal representation to a greater number of indigent individuals and families in need. We are seeking an honest assessment of our strengths, weaknesses and opportunities to grow, including recommendations relating to the use of technology. Our hope is that through an honest assessment we will be able to make the necessary improvements to our Program so that we can achieve our goals of changing a greater number of lives in our community through pro bono legal representation, and of strengthening the pro bono culture in Miami Dade County. Additionally, the external assessment should identify unmet needs in South Florida so that CABA Pro Bono can specialize in filling the gaps that currently exist within the pro bono delivery system for our area, and ways that we can collaborate with other legal services providers in our area to increase efficiency. The external assessment will be conducted with the assessment consultant taking the lead with the assistance of CABA Pro Bono’s Executive Director and the guiding coalition. It is expected that the assessment will include a survey of CABA Pro Bono staff and board members, private bar members, the judiciary, law schools, national programs with similar programs and other stakeholders. The assessment will conduct focus groups and listening sessions to help determine the barriers to pro bono which are unique to South Florida, and learn what stakeholders in our community believe works well. Finally, assessment should also include recommendations on how to continue funding the pro bono transformation upon the conclusion of the pro bono transformation grant awarded by the Florida Bar Foundation.

2. Services Required, Timeline and Payment Services Required are as follows:

• Coordination of assessment activities with Caba Pro Bono
• Development and administration of surveys, interviews and other assessment materials
• Quantitative and qualitive data collection and analysis
• Submission of final assessment report
• Vendor should have knowledge of civil pro bono legal work and assessment experience
• CABA Pro Bono will have primary decision-making over the assessment framework.
• A memorandum of Understanding will be written by CABA Pro Bono together with the selected assessment consultant regarding the expected activities.


• The assessment should commence the week of May 13th, 2019
• The assessment should conclude activities by the week of July 29th, 2019
• The assessment final report will be due August 23rd, 2019


• Maximum contract to be awarded will be $15,000.
• 50% of the contract to be awarded will be paid upon CABA Pro Bono’s approval of a plan submitted by the consultant that includes a description of the activities to be
conducted and a timeline for the activity.
• 50% of the contract to be awarded will be paid upon submission of the final report.

3. RFP Application

Submission Deadline: April 19th, 2019

Response Format: The proposal must be sent via email to Lesley Mendoza at


• Consultant’s name, address, telephone number and email address
• Brief description of previous experience conducting similar assessment
• Detailed description of the assessment services to be rendered including a timeline for the services
• Fees for the Services (Flat fee preferred over hourly fee)
• Description of additional anticipated costs (including travel)
• References for other projects that consultant has managed, evaluated or assessed

For questions or concerns regarding this RFP, please contact Lesley Mendoza, Executive Director, CABA Pro Bono Legal Services, via email at or via telephone or text at (305) 458-2003. Organization Information:

CABA Pro Bono Legal Services
2400 South Dixie Highway
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 646-0046

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