Landlord Tenant Evictions Program


CABA Pro Bono Legal Services (CABA Pro Bono) provides free legal services to low-income tenants facing eviction in Miami-Dade County.

 The vast majority of low-income tenants in Miami-Dade County facing eviction do not have access to legal representation.  Without legal representation, tenants fail to exercise their rights in court and face a default judgement during eviction proceedings.  Evictions have a lasting negative impact on low-income tenants and communities. Residents who experience eviction report pressures on employment, stability, lower credit scores, and impaired ability to re-rent.  Communities with high levels of evictions experience higher percentages of homelessness and costs associated with addressing homelessness. The CABA Pro Bono Landlord Tenant Evictions Program provides free legal representation to low-income resident of Miami-Dade County in landlord disputes and eviction proceedings.


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