Attorney Ad Litem for Children in Foster Care

As Attorneys ad Litem, we serve as the voice of the child in the legal system, working to ensure that the court makes decisions that prioritize the child’s needs, well-being and best interests. We provide legal representation for the child during court proceedings, presenting the child’s perspective and interests, and ensuring that the court is fully informed about the child’s situation. We ensure that the child’s legal rights are upheld during court proceedings, often challenging evidence, presenting witnesses, and raising legal arguments on behalf of the child.

We monitor the child’s situation throughout the legal process and report our findings to the court.  In addition, we make recommendations to the Court regarding the child’s wishes as to custody arrangements, visitation rights, and other matters that affect the child’s welfare.  In addition, we often collaborate with social workers, therapists, and other professionals involved in the child’s case in order to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the child’s needs.

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